Project Description

Project Title

Designing and launching the WebSite of Arg Sazan Payab Omran Civil Co.

Website type

Corporate-commercial website with the possibility of introducing the company, projects, services and products as well as the store system



Project duration

5 Days

Website features

  • Weblog

  • Photo Gallery

  • Contact us form

  • Projects page

  • Page about us

  • Contact us page

  • Service Introduction Page

  • Slider Introducing services and products

  • Introducing the company and trading platforms

  • Commenting

  • User Account

  • Store System

  • Multilingual Capability

  • Connected to SMS system

  • Connected to Social Media

  • The ability to add every pages and content

  • Ability to introduce employees and members of the company

  • Ability to develop and connect for Android and ios applications

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